Top 5 Posts of 2023

For our special end-of-2023 celebration, we’ve collected the top five posts from the Belong.Life Beating Cancer Together app this year!

  • Number 5: Starting off in 5th place is a post about JOMO vs. FOMO. JOMO, the joy of missing out, is the antidote to FOMO, the fear of missing out, which is a feeling many experience on the cancer journey. JOMO is a powerful mindset, and the balance between the two can be challenging, but remember, it’s possible.
  • Number 4: Cancer can affect your relationships. Open communication during your cancer journey can make all the difference. In fourth place, we saw a conversation about cancer and its impact on friendships.
  • Number 3: Coming in 3rd place, we saw a discussion all about decisions, decisions, decisions…The mental exhaustion from all the decisions made on the cancer journey is REAL. Learn how to manage this fatigue on the app!
  • Number 2: Getting close… In 2nd place is a post about the imbalance of calcium in the body when cancer spreads to the bones. It’s important to recognize the signs, with fatigue and excessive thirst being two of them.
  • Number 1: Finally, we present our number one post from Belong users this year! Our unveiling of Dave, the world’s first AI oncology mentor! Providing support to Belong users 24/7. #AI

That wraps up our top five posts of 2023. We’ve seen discussions on many topics with medical experts, experienced cancer warriors, and newly diagnosed patients, all contributing to important conversations that make an impact. Thank you for being an integral part of our community. Happy New Year!🌟🥂

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