“The World Goes Round and Round” – Dizziness

”I feel faint”, ”I feel as if I’m going to fall”, ”I’m dizzy”, ”I’m lightheaded”, ”I’m just standing there, and the room keeps spinning around me”. Does any of these sound familiar? Dizziness might be a symptom of cancer or a side effect of different treatments, including some types of chemotherapy, targeted therapy, hormonal therapies, or radiation therapies. Dizziness can also be a result of low blood sugar, low or high blood pressure, anemia, vomiting, pain medications, and more. 

As many of you might have noticed, dizziness can get worse while standing up, climbing stairs, or moving the head. What can you do? If the dizziness persists, it is important to discuss it with your health care team that can diagnose and treat the condition accordingly. For example, if dizziness is caused by high or low blood pressure, treating the blood pressure will take care of the dizziness. If needed, the doctor or nurse can recommend OTC treatments or suggest prescription medications for treating the dizziness. Some Belong users that discussed this issue in various groups suggest remedies, such as drinking lots of fluids, changing positions slowly, or avoiding rapid head movements. Others suggest lying down when you feel dizzy, rest more, and make sure you always carry a snack with you so it will be handy if you feel lightheaded.

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