Prevention of Cancer Risks

It is well known that cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide. Not all cancers are preventable, but some are, and prevention of known risk factors could play a very important role in the control of different cancer types.

Risk factors can be modified and therefore, knowledge and education of the public are of great importance to controlling cancer rates globally.

These risk factors have been detailed over the last few years, by international organizations and include several behavioral, metabolic, environmental, and occupational items.

Common Risk Factors

It is estimated that nearly 50% of all cancers are attributed to those risk factors. Of all attributable deaths globally in males and females, the most common are those of respiratory origin (bronchus, lung) followed by colorectal cancer, oesophageal cancer, and stomach cancer in males, and cervical cancer, colorectal, and breast cancer in females.

Despite the major efforts to curtail smoking products, it remains the leading cancer risk factor globally. Many risk factors for cancer have been well established for decades, but greater commitment to implementing cancer prevention is needed. Improving access to education and reduction of poverty might be also a feasible approach to reducing exposure to certain risks across populations.

For more info: The global burden of cancer attributable to risk factors, 2010–19: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019

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