Belong at the “Ernest & Young Digital-Health” Summit

December 11, 2016 in News

Belong’s CEO, Eliran Malki, took part at the E&Y digital health summit panel.

The panel discussed some hot topics, debated on innovative key concepts and brand new rules of engagements with patients & providers :

  • How to approach providers?
  • What are the key values they are after?
  • When does a patient realize he is a patient?
  • Do patients want to be engaged?

How to drive behavioral changes among patients and how the “Belong Engagement Zones” does that.

The Panel discussion “Healthcare stakeholders’ approach to Digital Health” was led by Dr Benny Zeevi , with leaders like, Dr. Harpreet Sood, Associate Chief Clinical Information Officer, NHS England , Eli Tarlow, Assistant Vice President, NYC Health Hospitals , Hanne Grams, Head of Digital Strategy for Europe & Canada, Takeda Phramaceuticals, and Dr. Ofer Sharon.

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