Belong app aims to help patients navigate cancer’s twists and turns

25 August 2016

Mobile app was developed by Israeli entrepreneurs who lost family members to the illness.

Question: “Hello, anyone here with ovarian cancer? I am on chemo (after surgery) and I find myself tired and nervous all the time. Is that normal?”

Answer: “Hello, I have ovarian cancer stage 3: found Sept. 2015. I’m on chemo yes I’m tired, nervous, dizzy well good luck to us”

This is an example of the conversations cancer patients, their families and concerned friends are having on the mobile app called Belong, which enables cancer patients to exchange experiences, information and tips, while also getting access to medical professionals and experts in the field.

The app was developed by Israeli entrepreneurs, including Eliran Malki, the 45-year old co-founder and CEO, who lost family members to cancer. They all realized that at various stages of their loved ones’ treatment critical information was missing, and experience and knowledge were sometimes only attained in hindsight.

There was a gap that needed to be filled, they felt. Valuable information could be shared to help others manage the process in an intelligent, efficient and easy way. Patients should be able to shake off their sense of loneliness and anxiety and get support and guidance from others who understand their predicament.

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