Pain could be experienced in a physical, emotional, or psychological way. Whichever way you feel it, well, it hurts. But it does not always have to. There is no need to suffer in silence.

Pain is the body’s way of telling us something is wrong. Ignoring it might cause the body to build up stress. Our muscles tighten, our hearts pound faster and we generally feel miserable.

Apart from the unpleasant experience we have when in pain, we may be keeping away important information from the medical team. It is important to share both the description of the pain, it’s location as well as the intensity and the timing to allow the medical team to understand what kind of pain you have and the possible source and cause for it.

Once your medical team understand the type of pain you experience and the source of the pain, they might be able to offer some solutions which may include further diagnostic evaluation, referral to a pain specialist, medications, or alternative methods for pain control such as applying either heat or cold compressions, stretching exercises or practicing relaxation techniques. Untreated pain could affect the quality of your life and may worsen the symptoms.

Be gentle on yourself and speak to your medical team to help find the most effective methods to help relieve your pain.

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