Living in the Moment

Treatment, side effects, and worrying about the future create stress and can overwhelm you. While you don’t have much control over the cancer itself, you can have control over what you focus on in the present moment.

Below are some ideas about how to shift your focus in your daily life.

  • Purpose and meaning
    You may start questioning what it is that gives you a sense of satisfaction or accomplishment. Sometimes, that can be getting involved with a group or organization where you can provide support to others or promote a cause that is important to you.
  • Focus on today
    Try and shift your attention to the here and now. Mindfulness meditation is an excellent tool to help you learn how to focus your mind in new and helpful directions.
  • Get outside
    Get outside as often as possible and take a deep breath of fresh air. If you can go for a walk around your neighborhood, do it if possible.
  • Write it down
    The act of writing is a powerful tool. Some people write down their worries and concerns so that they are out of their heads, which allows them to give them away more easily and stop thinking about them.

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