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Intimacy, expressed in different ways, is an important component of a healthy relationship. For many couples, intimate relationships can help to form or maintain a deeper emotional bond, and forge an important connection between partners. Moreover, it can contribute to a sense of vitality, wellbeing and enhance quality of life. 

Cancer patients might experience intimacy challenges, which can create a tsunami of stress that is likely to pop up at the worst possible moments. When cancer enters your life, the roles might change and it can have a big impact on relationships. But it really doesn’t have to be this way. So, how can you nurture intimacy despite the barriers and challenges? In order to succeed, you need teamwork and perseverance.

You might need to put some time into planning, let your imagination run free, be creative and keep an open mind. But most importantly, you need to keep the communication channels open. You can plan a date night without any expectations. Decide in advance that intimacy will be limited to kissing, touching and perhaps stroking. Anything that works for both of you. You can consider a sunset picnic for two, maybe attending a cooking class together or even binge-watch a fast-paced action-packed show.

Then, whether you drift off to sleep in each other’s arms or la di da, you’ll know that your sensuality isn’t gone. You just needed to rekindle the pilot light. Cancer isn’t entitled to spoil your intimacy. Even if it takes Sherlock Holmes to locate your libido, don’t despair. Instead, fight back with all the love and beauty you’ve got. As always, talk to your health care team before you try any new and adventurous ideas.

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