Hydrotherapy and Cancer

Hydrotherapy, also referred to as water or aquatic therapy, is a rehabilitation method for many different situations.

Many users in various groups within the Belong app discuss hydrotherapy as a helpful complementary treatment for dealing with stress, fatigue, and other side effects and symptoms.

Hydrotherapy, performed by a knowledgeable and qualified practitioner, might have several benefits for oncology patients. It can improve breathing and blood circulation, relax muscles and reduce cramps.

In addition, it may relieve pain, thanks to vasodilation, and reduce fear and anxiety.

People with the following conditions should avoid hydrotherapy: diabetes, inflammatory and or infectious situations, osteoporosis , skin diseases, circulatory problems, kidney failure, cardiovascular disorders, and high or low blood pressure.

Before starting hydrotherapy, always ask your healthcare team who knows your medical condition, for their approval.

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