Have Faith

When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, I went into fight mode and fought like hell to survive and beat it. It consumed every minute of every day.

I went through surgery, chemo, radiation and now anastrozole.

I lost my hair, lost my nails, battled against neuropathy, muscle and joint pain, insomnia, self-pity, and depression.

But, through this all I am now cancer free with a 2% chance of reoccurrence, but my experience changed me forever.

If you’ve ever taken care of someone you love who is terminally ill and watched them suffer, while it hurts like hell to lose them, it’s a sense of relief from the exhaustion of it all and you finally just crash and hit bottom.

That’s how I felt with my own cancer battle, exhausted from the fight both for survival as well as to keep a part of who I once was before the diagnosis.

I’ve come to realize I will never be the same but in time and with prayer, it does get better and it always helps to reach out and talk to others who have been where you are.

Hang in there.

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