Genetic link between testicular cancer and ovarian cancer

Is there a genetic link between testicular cancer and family ovarian cancer?
Although the family history of testicular cancer is well established as a risk factor for testicular cancer, it is not known whether the family history of ovarian cancer is associated with risk of testicular cancer.

Using data from the family’s ovarian cancer registry in 2636 families with many ovarian cancer cases, they have systematically compared relative ovarian cancer frequencies among relatives of men with testicular cancer and other cancers.

Thirty-one families with cases of ovarian cancer and testicular cancer were identified. The researchers found that among men with cancer, those with testicular cancer were at a higher risk of having a mother with ovarian cancer than those with non-testicular cancer.

These observations provide compelling early evidence for a familial relationship between ovarian cancer and testicular cancer. Future studies should be designed to further explore the relationship.

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