Fear of Recurrence

Many cancer survivors struggle with lots of thoughts and fears of the future, the dread of uncertainty can be overwhelming. Once treatments are over and the scans are clear, you feel happy, you want to celebrate, Right?

Everybody says you should. 

Apparently, according to many, this is the time that you start worrying about recurrence. It is a natural and normal reaction and will probably diminish over time. Still, some events may trigger it. 

Do you dread follow-up visits? Every ache and pain startle you? Maybe the anniversary of the diagnosis date prompts a concern? Feel scared but don’t talk about it as no one understands? We hear you. The Belong communities are here for you! We understand what you’re going through. Every journey is unique and everyone deals with distress differently. Please share your experiences. Tell us about the challenges you are facing, insights you’ve gathered along the way and any advice that can assist others as well. 

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