Clinical Trials and the Covid 19 Pandemic

It is a well-known fact that too many patients with chronic diseases (MS, cancer, etc.), might go through their treatments, unaware that there are clinical trials that they could benefit from. Information about available and active clinical trials seldom reach all.

Clinical trials have huge benefits for patients, both by providing access to the latest drugs and technologies and by demonstrating the effectiveness of the next generation of treatments for use on the diverse chronic diseases.

Studies performed by large institutions as well as by our own Belong Clinical Trials Team, during the Covid pandemic, have found that in 2020, the recruitment of patients to clinical trials, have declined by close to 50%. This happens mostly because of the measures taken by health systems to slow down the infection rate. This is of a large concern for the development of new important and effective drugs.

There are many known obstacles to clinical trials recruitment, and recently, the Covid pandemic, has also been added as an important factor resulting in low enrolment.

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