Chemo Smell

Many people going through chemotherapy discuss an unpleasant body odor as a side effect.
And yes, the culprit is indeed the chemotherapy drugs that affect both the body and bodily fluids.

The positive news is that the smell typically disappears after the last treatment.

Tips that have helped our Belongers to manage the chemo smell:

  • Drink lots of water.
  • Eat fruit and vegetables to help detoxify your system.
  • Exercise according to your physical ability. Sweating can allow toxins to escape from your body.
  • Bath often.
  • Change your bed linen frequently.

Be mindful that some chemo drugs can change your own sense of smell, so you may be the only one aware of the odor at times.

Always discuss the side effects you are experiencing during chemotherapy with your medical team. They may have other suggestions.

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