Dave, The world’s First Real-time Conversational AI Oncology Mentor for Cancer Patients

With the mission of improving access to quality cancer care for patients worldwide, Dave brings a new level of support to cancer patients and their families.

Belong’s AI Oncology Mentor is designed to engage and continuously educate, support, and guide cancer patients and caregivers on their clinical journey, providing support and personalized information.
Dave created and trained using deep learning on billions of unique data points and anonymized real-world patient journey information accumulated over seven years on Belong’s platform.

Dave is able to provide oncology-specific, precise, comprehensive, and empathetic answers to cancer patients’ challenges. The conversational AI platform communicates empathetically with users and retains a long-term memory of previous correspondence, allowing continuous communication across multiple chat sessions.

Dave is available to patients free of charge through Belong’s Beating Cancer Together app, where users can also communicate with other patients and with cancer care professionals.

Dave can be accessed on Belong’s Beating Cancer Together app on “Ask Dave now – AI Mentor” group.

Learn more about Belong’s AI health mentors.

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