A New Significant Study Regarding Clinical Practice for the BRCA Gene

We are excited and proud to share with you that the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) chose Belong’s three abstracts to be included in their 2020 Annual Meeting Abstract Book.

Belong. Life set out to provide true value for the global cancer community. We promote cancer research with quality, real-world data, and advanced technology.

We want to seize this opportunity to thank the Belongers who participated and to the doctors and researchers who contributed to these studies.

A clinical survey consisting of 14 questions asked Belongers with Breast cancer and Ovary cancer, if they underwent a BRCA gene testing.  The data obtained revealed that 32% of breast cancer patients who participated in the survey did not undergo BRCA testing. Nearly two-thirds of those patients (68%) were not advised by their doctors to get tested, although 32% met the USPSTF guidelines.

Dr. Daniel Vorobiof, Belong. Life Medical Director stresses that the study demonstrates the importance of encouraging physicians to follow the established guidelines, for the benefit of all patients. We strongly recommend patients to check and ask about the guidelines relevant to them, it can impact the success of the treatment significantly.  

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