A Love Letter

To all couples going through this journey, may this letter bring you hope and inspiration.


I want to remind you of the promises we have made, and I invite you to make new promises together with me as we go through this journey together.

Promise me you will always remember that in my eyes, you my darling, will always be the love of my life.

Promise me that you will not be your own critique. Trust me to guide you at times.

Promise me you will accept my extended hand to help you whenever you may need.

Promise me you will believe wholeheartedly that you are not defined by your job, your title, your income.
Promise me that you will believe me when I tell you, sexual intercourse is less important than intimacy, kindness, romantic dinners, and long talks.

I promise you my darling this will be our anchor.

Promise me my darling, to remind yourself every single waking hour, that you are here.

You my darling are vital, you are sexy, you are and forever will always be my heartbeat.

Eternally yours,
Your loving partner

Have you managed to stay connected throughout this journey? We invite you to share.
Best of health, The Belong Team

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